The Finnish Environment Institute (SYKE) is both a research institute and a centre for environmental expertise. SYKE is committed to protecting the environment and applying cross-disciplinary research to problem-solving. As a result, SYKE contributes to policy formulation and implementation at local, national, EU and international levels and is experienced in a range of policy fields, including biodiversity, waste, climate and water. For GET READY, SYKE will focus on: (a) improving skills in marine and coastal planning and (b) improving skills in preparing and using inventories and assessing coastal and underwater biotopes (like wetlands, mollusks settlements, fish spawning places and nurseries) and the impacts of human activities on those biotopes. Through GET READY, SYKE strengthens its networking with Russian organisations that work for improving the environmental status of Gulf of Finland.

Kotka Maritime Research Centre, legal status Kotka Maritime Research Association (KMRA), combines the expertise of four leading Finnish universities and research institutes in the fields of maritime transport and logistics, maritime safety and the environmental effects of maritime activities. The research centre consists of professorships from four universities: Aalto University, University of Helsinki, South-Eastern Finland University of Applied Sciences and University of Turku.

KMRA operates in close collaboration with the maritime industry, universities, research organisations, institutes, and authorities both nationally and internationally. The aim of the KMRA is to improve the interaction between science and society to make the most of the results, by conveying theory into practice. The practical solutions based on scientific research can decrease the environmental impacts of maritime transportation, increase maritime safety and in general produce the most cost-efficient solutions to challenges the maritime sector is facing.

University of Turku (UTU) is a multidisciplinary research and education organization. In GET READY, the Brahea Centre at UTU will focus on research and education covering maritime transport and logistics, regional development and environmental management in the Baltic Sea region. The development and planning of training programmes, with a focus on new, innovative learning approaches, is at the core of the education and development activities of the Brahea Centre. GET READY will provide opportunities for UTU’s researchers and education experts to further develop the multidisciplinary knowledge base and provide advanced training on integrated coastal zone management and marine spatial planning. In this way, UTU will contribute to the societal interaction and regional development of the Gulf of Finland.

The South-Eastern Finland University of Applied Sciences (XAMK) is renowned for its research, development and innovation activities aimed at fostering sustainable regional development and well-being, improving regional economic competitiveness, and promoting national and international innovations. Participation in a cross-border cooperation project supports the fulfillment of these goals. In addition, such cooperation enables knowledge sharing between project partners and their respective regions, and gives opportunities to make new contacts and develop stakeholder relations. During the project, the expertise of the research personnel will also be enhanced. The envisaged knowledge sharing between partners and regions is vital for fruitful co-operation now and in the future.

The Department of Ecological Safety and Sustainable Development of Regions at the St Petersburg State University (SPbSU) is an important component of the partnership dealing with "science-business-education and training". The Department will develop new curricula, use methodical approaches to stakeholder training, and prepare teaching materials and manuals. Participation in the project will intensify the exchange of scientific information and the best practices with Finnish partners. As a result of the exchange of information, a database will be compiled of best practices in the field of sustainable coastal management for use in the educational process at SPbSU.

The State Hydrological Institute (SHI) of Roshydromet is the leading Russian research institute for the study of surface water resources. Its research activities include (a) assessing the impact of climate change on the natural conditions, hydrological characteristics and water resources, (b) creating and developing technologies for the maintenance of databases, and (c) developing automated technologies for data collecting and processing. In addition, SHI participates in international activities through organizations such as WMO and UNESCO, and in 2009 SHI launched the WMO International Data Centre on Hydrology of Lakes and Reservoirs (HYDROLARE). SHI will contribute to GET READY by carrying out a training needs analysis and then running development courses on applied hydrology, water resources, training for trainers and management.

Eco-Express-Service LLC was founded in 1992 by Mr. Vladimir Zhigulskiy. At the present time the company is one of the leading organizations of the developers of environmental documentation in North-West region. Today the company employs more than 150 highly-qualified specialists, including Doctor of Biological sсiences and Doctor of Technical sciences, 6 PhD, 7 graduate students and 7 freelance experts of State ecological expertise.

The company has the research and production center, which is located in Shlisselburg, the Leningrad region. It is intended for the research of new chemicals, filtration and sorption materials, testing of promising technological, technical and design solutions for wastewater treatment. The company has implemented more than 3000 environmental projects in all regions of the Russian Federation, including projects at the federal level: port Saint-Petersburg, port Ust’-Luga, port Bronka, port Vyborg, port Vysock, port Murmansk, port Kaliningrad, port Baltiysk, port Sochi, port Vladivostok, port Sabetta (Yamal); construction of the flood protective building complex of Saint-Petersburg, construction of the highway West speed diameter in Saint-Petersburg and so on.

For over twenty years the company "Eco-Express-Service" develops, produces and implements complete treatment facilities for purification of storm waters in cities and industrial complexes, including depots, loading and coal terminals, roads, and wastewater car wash that allows to organize circulating water supply.