Summer practice for students is an important component of the educational process, which allows them to navigate the labor market and find themselves in their future profession.

Eco-Express-Service opens its doors to students from St. Petersburg universities every year. For example, in 2021, 13 bachelors from the St. Petersburg Mining University and the State University of Telecommunications named after V.I. prof. M.A. Bonch-Bruevich.

The students visited the production site in Shlisselburg, with their own eyes they were able to assess the scale of production of treatment facilities and the vector of application of environmental education in Russia, went to field research and sampling, and also had an internship at the office of our company.

Together with Nazarova Alina – head of development and coordination of Eco-Express-Service, students spoke about the development of the ecological enterprise, sow turnkey treatment facilities for household and surface waste water for the Industrial Park for storing and transshipment of mineral fertilizers with a warehouse and railway infrastructure, mobile wastewater plants, a testing laboratory, a car wash with a closed water supply cycle, and the Russian-Finnish center for education, research and innovation in coastal management, which is under construction now.