Employees of "Eco-Express-Service" took part in an environmental educational quest within the framework of the international youth environmental campaign "Clean Coast", which took place on September 11 in the Kurortny district of St. Petersburg.


As a result of cleaning the coastal area of ​​the Gulf of Finland, the participants of the action collected 800 kilograms of waste! Of these, 570 kg of waste were collected separately: 53 kg of plastic, 202 kg of glass, 269 kg of metal, 5 kg of organic waste, 34 kg of cardboard, 7 kg of polyethylene. In total, 500 people took part in the action, among them there were 18 universities, 4 colleges, 10 commercial enterprises and 3 public organizations.


In addition to collecting garbage on the shores of the Gulf of Finland, the action participants took part in an environmental educational quest organized with the help of Eco-Express-Service employees.


The international environmental campaign "Clean Coast" is one of the largest public environmental education campaigns in St. Petersburg. This year, the organizer of the event was the Committee for Nature Management, Environmental Protection and Environmental Safety. The action is held within the framework of cooperation between St. Petersburg and the cities of the Baltic region - Tallinn (Estonia), Helsinki and Turku (Finland) with the aim of developing cooperation in the field of environmental protection, shaping the ecological self-awareness of young people and the population, and developing an ecological volunteer movement.