On March 22, in Shlisselburg on the basis of the Eco-Express-Service company was held a conference following the results of the Russian-Finnish project Get Ready, which is based on taking care of the Gulf of Finland and coastal infrastructure. The essence of the joint project is to reflect on transboundary cooperation and capacity building in the use of coastal zones.



In connection with the global environmental agenda, this unique project was launched in 2019 as part of the Cross-Border Cooperation Program "South-East Finland - North-West Russia".


The project took place in three stages over three years, as a result of which a huge amount of information was analyzed, maps of ecologically vulnerable and especially valuable coastal zones were compiled, the best practices of marine spatial planning were selected, and a tremendous amount of work was done to train specialists in this field.


One of the main goals of the project was the creation of the Russian-Finnish Center for Education, Science and Innovation for the integrated management of the coastal zone.


The conference began with the positioning of this fact and a collective photograph with a beautifully designed signboard of this direction, which will soon be installed on the building of the Center under construction here in Shlisselburg on the territory of the Noteburg complex.


Director of Eco-Express-Service Vladimir Zhigulsky addressed the conference participants with a welcoming speech. Alina Nazarova, chief specialist of the Federal Service for Supervision of Natural Resources, also sent her greetings.


Then, within the framework of the approved plan and clear regulations, the participants of the conference were speaking. The final report was made by the project manager "Get Ready" Anatoly Bogush.


The conference on the project "Get Ready" showed the highest potential of all its participants and a huge perspective for the next steps in its development. Specialists of this level should be trained on a systematic basis, regardless of the political fluctuations in Europe, especially since the Russian company Eco-Express-Service creates all the conditions for their training.


The conference participants were able to see and evaluate the new Russian-Finnish Center under construction with their own eyes, walk around the floors, feel its prospects, and then, at the final friendly dinner, sum up the results and outline plans for the future.