“Wetlands of Neva Bay. Research program. Results of the 1st stage”

The monograph “Wetlands of Neva Bay. Research program. Results of the 1st stage”,  takes part in the competition of the National Prize“ Crystal Compass ”in the field of national geography, ecology, preservation and popularization of the natural and historical and cultural heritage of Russia.


The program is developed, coordinated and implemented by the Eco-Express-Service ecological project company with the participation of specialists from the leading scientific organizations of St. Petersburg.Inside you can find information about comparative assessment of the ecosystems state formed by coastal thickets of macrophytes of different ages and at different levels of the hydraulic works impact in the Neva Bay and adjacent water area.

The book is intended for specialists in the field of hydroecology, geobotany, ornithology, ichthyology, fisheries, nature conservation and rational nature management, will be useful to teachers and students, graduate students and everyone who is interested in ecology and environmental protection. "


A vote is held on the competition website to determine the winner in the Public Recognition nomination. In all other nominations, the winners will be determined by the expert council, regardless of the voting results. You can leave your vote until April 30.


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