In March, a distance learning course for teachers (potential teachers) working in the field of hydrometeorology, ecology and related sciences was launched at the State Hydrological Institute as part of the GET READY project. The course duration is 5 weeks. Currently, there are 30 students. The purpose of the course is to help specialists engaged in education and training to improve their theoretical knowledge and practical skills in the field of planning, preparing, conducting and evaluating the educational process.


The acquired knowledge and skills will correspond to the competencies established by the "Guidelines for teachers in the field of meteorological, hydrological and climate services" (WMO No. 1114).


During the course, participants will work on materials and tasks related to their field of activity. At the end of the course, students will be able to:

* Identify educational needs.

* Define and refine learning competencies and plan learning outcomes.

* Choose training methods based on the planned learning outcomes.

* Create tasks based on planned learning outcomes that allow students to increase their involvement in the learning process.

* Use available online resources to achieve learning goals.

• To conduct lessons using a variety of pedagogical techniques and teaching methods.

• To plan and implement assessment of learning outcomes and the learning process.

• Develop training plans.