Database for hydraulic works’ impact assessment on ecosystems of inland sea and territorial waters in the Russian Federation

Eco-Express-Service LLC became Intellectual Property Rights’ (IPR) holder of the database "Database for hydraulic works’ impact assessment on ecosystems of inland sea and territorial waters in the Russian Federation, 2001-2019", based on the wide experience of environmental surveys, industrial environmental control (monitoring) and environmental documentation development.


The database is registered by Federal Service for Intellectual Property (Rospatent) (the certificate of the database state registration No. 2020620240 of 10.02.2020). Authors are director of Eco-Express-Service LLC, head of hydraulic works impact management laboratory on marine ecosystems, Ph.D. of Engineering Science Vladimir Zhigulsky, head of scientific and analytical department, Sc.D. (Dr. of Biological Sci.), prof. Vladimir Shuisky and deputy head of scientific and analytical department, Ph.D. of Biology Ekaterina Chebykina.

The base is data from open sources which don’t contain confidential and restricted access information. It contains materials of numerous design, survey and monitoring works of Eco-Express-Service LLC carried out in the period of 2001-2019 and related to the construction of marine hydraulic structures in inland sea waters, particularly in the Gulf of Finland, the Baltic Sea, the White Sea, the Ob Bay of the Kara Sea, etc.


The database includes information on performed and being performed hydraulic works, for example: type of hydraulic works, project year, name of the object, construction period, area of artificial land plot or hydraulic fill formation, dredging volume, total object area, cargo turnover, "environmental cost" of dredging, "environmental cost" of territory formation, "environmental cost" of hydraulic works including dredging and land reclamation.

Based on the systematized data, specialists of scientific and analytical department of Eco-Express-Service LLC, under the guidance of the director Vladimir Zhigulsky, developed a simple method for a rough predictive assessment of the environmental hazard for the planned hydraulic construction at the pre-design stage, as well as a classification of the expected environmental impact of hydraulic works, according to which all hydraulic works projects were ranked in the database.


The database can be used for information and analytical support of interdisciplinary researches aimed at the development of inland sea and territorial waters in the Russian Federation. Systematized data are important in many areas: transport and industrial construction, design of hazardous industrial facilities, assessment and regulation of industrial and transport construction environmental safety at initial design stages, environmental impact assessment, land and marine spatial planning, development of effective measures in order to regulate anthropogenic and technogenic environmental impact, etc. Moreover, the database can also be used in the educational process of higher education: a training of specialists in the field of ecology, technologies for ecosystems properties management, environmental protection and management.