Working meeting on the GET READY project in Turku

There was a regular Working meeting on the Project "Get Ready to take cross-border challenges: capacity building for sustainable use of coastal zones" 27-29 November 2019 in Turku (Finland).


The workshop was attended from the Russian side: V. Zhigulskiy, PhD A. I. Bogush, A. Nazarova (Eco-Express-Service LLC), L. Banshchikova, Ph. D. M. Mamaeva (State hydrological Institute), Ph. D. N. Bobylev, Prof. Dr. M. Shilin (Institute of Earth Sciences Saint Petersburg state University).

From the Finnish side, the Project was represented by: Prof. Dr. E. Hamalainen, S. Nyroos, Dr. A. Erkkiula-Valimakki (University of Turku, Brahea center), M. Lehtinen, G. Tolvanena (University of Turku), P. Kontio, K. Kostamo (Finnish Institute of the environment of Finland), V. Tuomalo, O.-P. Brunila (XAMK – South-Eastern Finland, University of applied Sciences), M. Stary Mikra (Regional Council of South-Western Finland), Dr. R. S. salovius-Loren (ABO University), A. Kiiski (Kotka Maritime Research Association). In addition, the Director of the Turku Center in Saint Petersburg (Turku Centre in St. Petersburg) Igor Lonsky.


The main content of the Workshop was the discussion of works completed by December 1, 2019 in the areas of "Administration and communication" (main speaker - A.V. Nazarova / Russia), "Scientific research" (speakers M. B. Shilin / Russia and K. Kostamo / Finland)," Business and innovation "(speakers V. Tuomala and P. Kontio /Finland)," Education and training " (speakers M. A. Mamaeva, N. G. Bobylev /Russia and H. Tolvanen /Finland). Based on the results of the discussion of the reports, the program of planned works as of November 30, 2019. recognized as 100% completed by both the Russian and Finnish parties.

A special presentation on the Finnish experience in marine spatial planning was made by M. Pohja-Mikra, coordinator of the marine spatial planning program in Finland.

At the official Reception of the Project participants, organized by the administration of Turku, headed by Mr. Lauri Kattelus, the importance of the project was repeatedly noted, on the one hand, for the formation of a scientific base for cross-border coastal management in the Eastern Gulf of Finland, and on the other hand, for the exchange of best practices in managing the coastal zone on both sides of the Russian – Finnish border.


On the last day of the Workshop, the program of the following Project activities was discussed at the meeting of the Steering Committee. First of all, it is the holding of a Round table during the Marine festival in Kotka / Finland on July 23-26, 2020, and then the organization of a regular Workshop on the Project at the Institute of Earth Sciences of St. Petersburg state University.