Gulf of Finland Science Days “Facing our Common Future”

Specialists of Eco-Express-Service LLC, head of the development department A.V. Nazarova and deputy head of scientific and analytical department E.U. Chebykina, took part in the International scientific conference The Gulf of Finland Science Days “Facing our Common Future”. The outstanding world-class event was arranging on 13-14th of November in one of the most beautiful buildings in Helsinki, House of Estate. The host organization is Finnish Environment Institute (SYKE), Marine Research Centre.

The conference is the largest annual scientific event of leading experts in the field of geology, biology, ecology and oceanology of three countries (Russian Federation, Finland and Estonia) and is one of the most important activities of cross-border cooperation, held under the aegis of the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment of the Russian Federation, the Ministry of Environment of Finland and the Ministry of the Environment of Estonia. The Gulf of Finland Science Days was attended by more than 150 scientists and officials from participating countries. The event brought together the efforts of state authorities (ministries and departments of Russia, Finland and Estonia), international organizations, representatives of scientific and business communities for an interesting discussion and a thorough exchange of opinions on contemporary issues of sustainable development in the Gulf of Finland regions. The report of the ex-President of Finland Tarja Halonen (after 12 years of presidency she concentrated on public activities related to the struggle for equality, ecology and sustainable development) inspired all participants for fruitful joint work.


Main topics of the Gulf of Finland Science Days in 2019 are:
— multidisciplinary studies which describe in an integrated way present state & future of the Gulf of Finland;
— reports on ongoing, joint projects on the Gulf of Finland;
— young scientist session for PhD students and post-docs for all Gulf of Finland topics.


Specialists of the company Alina Nazarova and Ekaterina Chebykina made reports about:
- "GET READY" project. Getting ready for the cross-border challenges: capacity building in sustainable shore use;
- Research programme of Eco-Express-Service LLC "The macrophyte thicket ecosystems in the eastern Gulf of Finland".


The reports aroused a keen interest and were highly praised by scientists from Finland, Estonia and Russia participated in the conference and presented their results of joint scientific and applied researches.
Eco-Express-Service LLC expresses its gratitude for the high-level international scientific conference The Gulf of Finland Science Days “Facing our Common Future”, as well as for the warm welcome and hospitality. Special thanks to conference coordinators from the Finnish Environment Institute (SYKE) Vesikko Ljudmila and Kai Myrberg.