From June 6 to July 4, 2019, employees of the company "Eco-Express-Service" LLC organized and conducted a series of lectures and excursions. The course was a part of the on-the-job training program on obtaining professional skills and experience for first year master’s degree students of the Russian State Hydrometeorological University at the department of ecology and bioresources.


Training was carried out in the following areas:

  • environmental monitoring and industrial environmental control implementation;
  • work in a testing laboratory on radiological, hydrobiological, toxicological, chemical studies of water, soil, bottom sediments, industrial and consumption wastes, and other types of researches;
  • environmental payments calculation;
  • development and production of waste treatment facilities and equipment (in Schlusselburg);
  • research work on investigating macrophyte thicket ecosystems in the Neva Bay and the Eastern Gulf of Finland.


Students successfully prepared a report based on a synthesis of the received material at the end of the practical training.


Within the framework of Get ready project the number of lectures will increase and the material will be processed with the new knowledge.